A Premium Portfolio of
Cannabis Concentrate Consumer Brands

The Four Pillars

Extracting Value

Refined Strategy

Clean Execution

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Company Overview

IONIC BRANDS is a national cannabis holdings company based in Washington, led by a team of successful entrepreneurs. The company is focused on building a multi-state consumer-focused cannabis concentrate brand portfolio focusing on the premium and luxury segments. The cornerstone brand of the portfolio, IONIC, is a top 3 premium vaporizer brand in Washington State and is becoming the same up and down the west coast through its aggressive west coast expansion now operating in Washington and Oregon. IONIC BRANDS' strategy is to be the leader of the highest-value segments of the cannabis market and expand nationally.


Experienced and proven Luxury Cannabis Concentrates brand

Top 3 vape brand in WA State over the last 8 years

Largest standalone oil manufacturer in the state of Washington

Consistent sales growth over three years with a verified marketing blueprint

Offers investors exposure to a premium luxury cannabis brand

Demonstrated to have winning a formula to become the top vape company in WA

Massive growth opportunity available with expansion into OR and CA

Pro Forma Ionic Corporate Structure

Flow Chart

All Subsidiaries will be owned 100% by Ionic

1IONIC WA is a separate company from Blacklist. Blacklist has an Irrevocable Purchase Agreement with IONIC, and upon Federal Legalization will be a 100% wholly-own subsidiary.

Building a consumer focused multi-state cannabis concentrate brand portfolio


With a powerful sales organization, an innovative product team, and a world-class marketing group, IONIC's strategy is to repeat their success in each new market. Leveraging invaluable experience gained over the last 8 years in Washington state, where it has consistently been a top 3 Vape Brand in the most competitive market in the U.S.